Skyline College recognizes the diverse educational needs of its students. The Instruction Office supports student success in learning and completion by providing academic programs and learning support services that assist students in achieving their educational and career goals. 

Through a comprehensive learning environment that provides educational pathways to careers, transfer to four-year institutions, and life long learning through a variety of certificate and degree programs, students are empowered to succeed.

The Instruction Office supports a culture of evidence where we can engage in innovation supporting our college Mission-Vision-Values. We actively support a culture that encourages innovation and scholarship in teaching and programming and we are committed to making data-informed decisions that enrich our program development, pedagogy, and services supporting student success.

ILT Statement: 

We commit to provide excellent academic programs to achieve institutional outcomes and student success.

ILT Charge:

The Instructional Leadership Team will deliberately focus on the implementation and evaluation of instruction and academic support services, processes, and technologies to support the Skyline College’s commitment to social justice, equity and access for our students, staff, and community.