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Online Education is designed to make your education possible via online and hybrid learning environments. This provides you with a more flexible way to schedule your classes and manage your workload, but it also requires additional self-discipline and organization to stay on top of your work.

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Taking online classes at Skyline makes attending college more affordable and efficient by eliminating the cost and time of commuting to campus.

Online courses are offered through Canvas and are recommended for students who can work well independently and have solid study skills and self-discipline. Please remember that online courses require as much time and effort as on-campus classes, but provide you with additional flexibility to merge education with your everyday life.

We have many services and resources to support you in your online education journey:

Types of Online Courses Offered

Skyline College offers two types of online courses: online and hybrid.

 Online Courses

  • Offered fully online & asynchronously
  • Students can take an online course anywhere with access to the internet, across the U.S. and international locations
  • Utilizes the Canvas Learning Management System
  • Courses are available in the fall, spring, and summer semesters
  • Instructors guide coursework and provide submission dates throughout the semester to keep students on track

 Hybrid Courses

  • A blend of online and face-to-face classroom instruction using the Canvas Learning Management System
  • In-person meeting dates, times, locations, and other relevant factors vary from course to course
  • Class dates and times are available prior to registration
  • Determine if a hybrid course is a good fit. Some students:
    • need some face-to-face interaction in class
    • find that this modality offers the 'best of both worlds,' satisfying the needs of other obligations or challenges
    • are just curious about online learning, without the commitment of going fully online.