Emergency 9-1-1  
Public Safety (650) 738-7000 Room 6-106
Health Services (650) 738-4270 Room 19-110

The San Mateo County Community College District has adopted The Big Five as an Immediate Action Response to be best prepared for human and naturally caused emergencies. An Immediate Action Response is a protocol that can be implemented in a variety of different emergency situations. When an emergency occurs, it is critical that faculty, staff members and students alike all work together to take immediate steps to protect themselves, other students, and the entire campus community. In essence, the Big Five are:

  1. DROP, COVER & HOLD ON: Implement during an earthquake or explosion to protect building occupants from flying and falling debris
  2. EVACUATION: Implement when conditions outside the building or off-site are safer than inside or on-site. Requires the orderly movement of students and staff from school buildings to a pre-determined safe location
  3. LOCKDOWN / BARRICADE: Initiate for an immediate threat of danger to occupants of a campus or school building and when any movement will put students and staff in jeopardy. Once implemented, no one is allowed to enter or exit rooms for any reason unless directed by law enforcement
  4. SECURE CAMPUS: Initiate for a potential threat of danger in the surrounding community. All classroom/office doors are closed and locked and all students and staff remain inside until otherwise directed. Instruction continues as planned
  5. SHELTER IN PLACE: Implement to isolate students and staff from the outdoor environment and provide greater protection from external airborne contaminants or wildlife. Close windows and air vents and shut down air conditioning/heating units

The professionals who work in the Public Safety Department on each campus are dedicated to providing a safe environment for you throughout the District. We continually evaluate our practices and train to deal with campus emergencies. We ask you to join us in being proactive to be prepared by reviewing the Big Five Community Packet.

Emergency Preparedness Information

View the Campus AED Location Map  

AED Locations

Building Location
1 Second floor next to Main Entrance, Room 1-201
3 First floor, Main Entrance, across from water fountain
3 Second floor next to Gym, Room 3-200
18-Press Box Baseball field Press Box, south side
Portable 3E Portable 3E Sports Trainer
4 Second floor next to Room 4-230
5 First floor inside main entrance
6 In front of Security, Room 6-106
6 Public Safety Vehicle Pickup #304 and #305
7 Outside of Dean's office, Room 7-130A
8 First floor across from elevator, near Room 8-124
11 In front of Room 11-109
12 Main entrance, north hall way across from Room 12-130
12 Kitchen Hallway, south side of Farallon Room, near Room 12-121
14 Loma Chica Inside main entrance hall of Children's Center
19 Next to the entrance to Admissions and Records, Financial Aid and Cashiers
19 Health Center, Room 19-116

Emergency Phones

All extensions on campus can be reached by these phones

Building Floor Location of Phone
1 1 Next to room 1124
1 2 Next to the elevator
1 3 Next to the elevator
5 1 Lobby
6 1 Across from staircase, ext 5963
6 2 Between room 6202 and Outside Exit, ext. 5964
7 1 Next to the elevator
8 1 Next to room 8102
8 2 Next to room 8210
8 3 Cosmo, by elevator
8 3 Next to 8304

Procedures for First Aid and Emergency Care