Skyline College is proud of its long history of community and business engagement. The College has many local and regional partnerships with business, public agencies, community based organizations and other educational institutions that serve students, employers, employees and residents. Skyline College provides educational opportunities, learning resources, career services, and business and community resources designed to be flexible and meet current and future needs of business and community partners.

Local business and community leaders serve on the President’s Council and provide a strong base of knowledge and support for the President of the College. Each year, the Council assists the President in hosting a fundraising breakfast to support programs and services outside the traditional college budget.

Local business leaders work with the College on career technical education programs and serve as advisory board members ensuring the College’s career programs are providing the educational content students need to be successful in the work place. If you are looking for highly trained new employees, Skyline College offers more than 80 certificate and degree programs of study.

  • The Skyline College Career Services Center offers an on-line job posting site to meet employer hiring needs. In addition, in conjunction with the CWD the Career Services Center can offer employability and soft skills training to business and organizations.
  • Skyline College also hosts the Center for International Trade Development and the Center for Retail, Hospitality and Tourism. These two Centers are to assist the business and education needs of the Bay region in these sectors. These centers are supported by the California Community College Chancellors Office division of Workforce and Economic Development.
  • The Center for Workforce Development (CWD) is a one-stop center for economic and workforce development needs. The CWD can provide training to local business and employers in the form of contract education, credential preparation and customized career technical education programs. The CWD also manages multiple economic and workforce development grants and projects from a variety of funding sources to enhance Skyline College’s programs and services.