Field trips provide a unique and valuable experience for students to learn outside of the classroom and connect with their peers. At Skyline College, we are supportive of this type of learning experience. We also understand the risks and liability for the College. Field trip organizers can reduce the risk by better ensuring the safety of all participants by planning and following our district policies and guidelines. Below are resources to help you plan for a safe and successful trip.

Please use one of our Field Trip Timelines to help you with planning:

Faculty Information & Forms

Student Must Complete:

Students must complete the following in its entirety:

Student Club Advisors: 

  • Off-campus trip approval and all required forms must be completed on time with no exceptions.  
  • Our ASSC Bookkeeper will not be able to issue a check without the proper backup documentation.
  • Advisors if you have questions or need assistance with the paperwork, please reach out to Ryan Samn our Student Life and Leadership Assistant at least one month before the trip.

See District policies and resources regarding the guidelines around field trips.

Policy Description
Field Trips and Excursions:
Board Policy NO. 6.45  

In this policy, you will learn about college-sponsored, non-required field trips and requirements.

Student Conduct:
Board Policy NO. 7.69  

In this policy, you will learn about the student code of conduct and expectations.

Standards of Student Conduct, Prohibited Actions, and Disciplinary Procedures:
Board Policy NO. 7.69.1  

In this policy, you will learn about the standards of student conduct, prohibited actions, and disciplinary actions.  

Transportation on District-Sponsored Activities:
Board Policy 8.45  

In this policy, you will learn about the district transportation guidelines and requirements.