Welcome to the Skyline College Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Cycle (SLOAC) website, where you will find resources to help you to engage in the process. For a hands-on resource, consult the Framework, which was created by your colleagues on the SLOAC Steering Committee (now IE Committee). In addition to articulating our campus' philosophy about the use of the SLOAC in optimizing student learning, the Framework explains key terminology and concepts as well as provides step-by-step directions on how to engage in the assessment cycle. For your convenience, these steps and related resources are distilled down to the most basic information on the Steps, Tips, and Worksheets page. And finally, on the Examples page are helpful models of completed assessment cycles. Please check the three-year assessment calendars for when your department scheduled courses for assessment.

Whether you’re new to student learning outcomes (SLO) assessment or been a member of your department’s team for years, seasoned players are available to coach you to achieve your potential. Learn how to make assessment authentic, sustainable, worth your time, and most importantly — with the students’ best interests in mind. Be empowered to field the best team possible. Please contact Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness Karen Wong at x4369 if you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity, and/or if you have any questions or concerns pertaining to assessment.


SLOAC Coaches

SLOAC Coaches (l-r): Tiffany Schmierer (SS/ CA), John Skovgaard (SS/CA),Lucia Lachmayr (LA), Lindsey Ayotte (LA), Suji Venkataraman (BEPP); Michael Cross (LA); Ronda Wimmer (BEPP), Rick Hough (SMT); Melissa Komadina (SS); Karen Wong (SLOAC Coordinator)