An education in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields can lead to an exciting career in a wide variety of fields. Below, you'll find a breakout of common career options that may be interesting to you. Each career option below links to the most applicable course of study offered at Skyline College.

Science & Health Careers

Anesthesia Technician Climate Scientist Hydrologist Public Health Administrator
Biochemist Emergency Medical Technician
Life Safety Technician Respiratory Care Practitioner
Biophysicist Environmental Scientist Nurse Surgical Technician
Central Services Technician Epidemiologist Paramedic
Chemist Firefighter Physician / Doctor
Veterinarian Geologist Public Educator  

Technology Careers

Programmer Software Developer
Network Engineer Security Analyst  

Engineering Careers

Chemical Engineer Hardware Engineer
Software Engineer
Civil Engineer Material Engineer Soil Engineer
Electrical Engineer Mechanical Engineer  

Math Careers

Actuary Data Scientist Math Educator Math Scientist