ELEC 110 Fundamentals of Electronics (4 units)

Activity based introduction to the fundamentals of DC and AC electrical/electronic circuits. Course covers the basic mathematical laws, terminologies, testing and measuring of simple circuits. Laboratory exercises will emphasize the use of tools, electrical test instruments and measuring devices.

ELEC 410 Introduction to Solar Installation and Integration (3.5 units)

Prerequisite: None Recommended: Completion of ELEC 110 with a grade of “C” or better, or concurrent enrollment in ELEC 110 or equivalent. An introductory course targeted to junior-level photovoltaic installers to provide a foundation of skills necessary in solar installation. Topics include electrical theory and practice, photovoltaic theory and integration and solar installation skills. The course is a balance of theory, hands-on practice and real world examples. Also listed as ENVS 410.