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Transcend traditional boundaries

An Interdisciplinary Studies Degree is ideal for students who want a well-rounded education by focusing on more than one field of study. Students draw from the knowledge and apply the habits of mind from several established academic disciplines. As such, students transcend traditional boundaries, and instead make connections across several academic schools of thought.

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By taking a variety of classes within a given emphasis, students gain a broad base of foundational knowledge that they can apply towards further higher education at a four-year institution. A degree in Interdisciplinary Studies provides students with a wide range of options as they move through their educational pathway.

At Skyline College, students can choose from several interdisciplinary degrees. They fall under three categories: the interdisciplinary degrees with different emphases, the interdisciplinary international studies degrees, and the interdisciplinary science degrees.

Career Outlook

The State of California Employment Development Department provides an online Occupational Guide that provides helpful job descriptions, job outlooks and wages, and qualification requirements for a wide variety of careers. Use this guide to find more information about a career that may interest you.

Interdisciplinary Studies differs from other programs at Skyline College because it utilizes classes from many departments. To see all courses offered that count toward these degrees, see the Skyline College catalog page for each program.

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Interdisciplinary Studies Degrees: Arts and Humanities

This area of emphasis integrates the study of cultural, literary, humanistic activities and artistic expression of human beings. Students will analyze and evaluate the ways in which people through the ages in different cultures have responded to themselves and the world around them in cultural and artistic creation.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Analyze and evaluate artistic and cultural creations as a reflection of certain socio-cultural periods
  • Demonstrate effective communication through written and oral forms, and through other forms as appropriate

Interdisciplinary Studies Degrees: Letters and Sciences

This area of emphasis integrates the study of the world around us by developing analytical skills needed to understand the physical world and the human beings who occupy it, including the artifacts they produce.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Apply scientific concepts and principles to explain physical processes in the world
  • Demonstrate effective communication through written and oral forms, and through other forms as appropriate.

Interdisciplinary Studies Degrees: Social and Natural Sciences

This area of emphasis integrates the study and application of scientific methodology from two perspectives, that of the social sciences which consider the human world in several aspects, and that of the natural sciences which consider the world in its physical and biological aspects.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Explain the major concepts, fundamental principles and basic theories of at least one area of science.
  • Evaluate proposed solutions to contemporary social issues requiring scientific literacy.

Interdisciplinary Studies Degrees: Social and Behavioral Sciences

This area of emphasis studies the systems and institutions human beings in various cultures develop to organize their lives in both individual and group settings.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Contrast the human systems and institutions used by different cultures to organize people in individual and group settings.
  • Analyze contemporary ethical or social problems from the perspective of the social or behavioral sciences.

Allied Health

The Allied Health Sciences program provides courses that are taught with contextualized instruction to bring students in step with healthcare occupational practices, while providing hands-on instruction. Students also have the benefit of an Allied Health learning community to support their academic success.

Careers in Allied Health professions are among the fastest growing in Northern California. The Associate in Science Degree with a major in Allied Health provides foundation courses necessary for health careers and for transfer programs for four-year colleges and universities.

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The Biotechnology degree and certificates prepare graduates for careers in the life science industry and for transfer. Students receive hands-on training in biology and chemistry and master a variety of skills essential to the field of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Biotech technicians perform experiments and assays, manufacture products, or assist with research. Key tasks include testing procedures, material processing, equipment maintenance, inventory control and data collection and evaluation.Technicians also observe and document safe practices, quality assurance, record keeping and compliance with government regulations.

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Natural Science

The natural sciences, including biology, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences, study the substances, processes and interactions of matter and energy.

The Natural Science Degree Program provides students with an opportunity to meet the prerequisites to continue preparation for careers in any of the natural sciences. Skyline College offers an Associate Degree in Natural Science specifically that can help you create a clear path for transfer to a four-year institution.

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International Studies

Students completing this major will gain a global perspective on the histories, political structures, and cultures of all of the world's regions, as well as expertise in a specific region of their choice.

All students in this major will take a set of core courses that provide a common framework for an understanding of historical, economical, cultural and political relations. Each student will also choose one of four areas for specialization: Asia, Europe, Latin America, or the Philippines for more extensive study of the history, language, and arts of that area. This major provides the foundation to transfer into International Studies/Relations or majors with specific geo-political areas of emphasis and is valuable for students planning a career in education, business, law and many other areas where an understanding of diverse cultures is important.

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