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Academic Senate office hours are held every Friday from 8:30 am to 11:00 am in room 8215, or by appointment. Meet your Academic Senate president and share questions, ideas, or concerns.

SMCCCD's Performance Evaluation Task Force (PETF) welcomes suggestions or comments on how faculty evaluation process and tools can be improved. Click here to make suggestions or comments to the PETF.

Click here for information on elections for the 2014-2015 Academic Senate Governing Council


Responsibilities of the Academic Senate (the "10+1")

The Academic Senate addresses all academic and professional matters outlined in the "10+1," or the 11 areas of responsibilities created by legislation AB 1725 which amended Title 5, Section 53200.  The 10+1 are listed here.   The SMCCCD Board of Trustees has agreed to rely primarily upon the expertise of the senate in academic and professional matters (Board Policy 2.09).


ASCCC Conferences, Institutes, and Plenary Information


"The Inbox" - Articles of Interest to Faculty Senates


Legislative Information

  • News:  Cabrillo college circulates a petition campaign to revise repeatability rules in the areas of physical education and the arts.
  • AB 86:  Provides funding for CCCs and Adult Education to create consortia to develop plans for the alignment of services in basic skills, ESL, and other community course needs.
  • AB 955: Community Colleges: Intersession extension programs. (Williams)  Has been signed into law. This allows a pre-selected group of colleges to offer intersessions at full cost, creating a two-tiered fee system.  This is a short-term experiment that will be reviewed at its conclusion.
  • SB 440: Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (Padilla)  Among other things, aims to force compliance of CSUs/UCs to transfer agreements.
  • SB 520:  California Online Student Access Platform (Steinberg) ASCCC and most teachers' unions were opposed to this bill when it came out - it has gone through several amendments.
  • SB 1143:  (Student Success Task Force legislation) Look at the SSTF Information page on the left, and stay informed.
  • Visit FACCC legislative hot list to track legislation


Other Vital Information

  • Degreewithaguarantee.com  CCCs' and CSU's joint website, "Degree with A Guarantee," which provides comprehensive information about the new Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T/AS-T) pathway that lets students earn an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree with no wasted units.
  • SB 1440: Transfer Model Curriculum (AA-T and AS-T): State Academic Senate article "Articulation for Non-experts" offers a good explanation of SB 1440.
  • Meyer Award Nomination Form
  • For Governing Council members:Academic Senate Sharepoint site


Message to Skyline Faculty from AS President Shaw: 

Thank you for a wonderful year at Skyline College! It has been a pleasure to serve as your Academic Senate president, and I look forward to serving again in the future.

Our mission is to empower and transform a global community of learners.

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