The Skyline College Academic Senate is comprised of executive officers, senators, standing committee chairs, and advisory members.

All members of Senate are expected to engage in, encourage, and ensure collegial consultation on academic and professional matters pertaining to the 10+1.  This includes consistently communicating and informing their respective constituencies about senate matters in order to represent all faculty interests in senate discussions, business, and votes.  If you have concerns that you think should be voiced, please reach out to your senator.

Note: To send email to a Senate member, please click on their name.

Executive Officers for Academic Year 2021–22

President:  Lindsey Ayotte (votes in ties)

Vice President: Cassidy Ryan-White

Secretary: Jessica Truglio

Treasurer: Rika Yonemura-Fabian

Past President: Kate Williams Browne (does not vote)

Curriculum Chair: Jessica Hurless

Professional Personnel Chair: Bianca Rowden-Quince

Educational Policy Chair: Jacqueline Escobar

Senators for Academic Year 2021–22




Language Arts




CTE Liaison

Part-Time Faculty