The Field

Mathematics forms the foundation of modern science and as such it is essential for those who want to understand and take part in the important scientific developments of our time. But it is also extremely useful for students in the social sciences as well as anyone who wants to comprehend, more fully, the world around us. At its crux, mathematics is a way for us to deepen our understanding and expand our horizons.


To succeed in Mathematics, individuals must keep an open mind, ask frequent questions and seek out the reasons behind their work instead of simply memorizing. Perseverance, organization and critical thinking are also important for any mathematics student, no matter their skill level.

The Mathematics Program at Skyline College

Almost all students at Skyline College will need to take at least one Mathematics course. It is important that you start in the appropriate class and that you do so within in your first or second semester. Please consult with a counselor to find out what is the best path for you. 

Career Outlook

No matter your career, a basic understanding of mathematics is extremely useful, and often essential to success. A degree in Mathematics can be a gateway to many jobs in the sciences, including education, engineering, computer science, and physics.