The Center for Student Life and Leadership Development oversees hundreds of educational and social events every year. Want to be a part of it? Contact the Center for Student Life at

How to Plan an Event on Campus

The following process is for student groups, clubs and advisors. Off-campus organizations or individuals who wish to use Skyline College facilities for an event should contact Administrative Services

Please read the District Policy on Speech: Time, Place, and Manner  

Event Application Packet

Event application packets must be completed 45 days prior to the date of use.

If you're interested in creating a student activity, please email ASSC at Please fill out all forms electronically. Your complete event packet must include:

  • Diagram of the set-up for your event
  • Any promotional literature or tickets for approval
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance (if applicable)
  • SMCCCD Food Service Provider Authorization Form (if applicable)
  • If hiring performers, the Agreement, Contract, and W-9 form

Marketing & Design Resources

Paper Flyer Posting Information

  • All postings must be pre-stamped by the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development in Building 6, Room 6-212
  • Use pushpins or thumbtacks ONLY! Available for purchase at the Campus Bookstore.
  • Post only on the listed Bulletin Boards   (No postings on walls, doors, windows, or cars)

Posting on Campus TV Screens

To post on the campus TVs, submit your file through the MCPR Request Form for approval and posting.

Free Speech and Vending Space Reservations

Free Speech

  • Skyline College is a community that values free expression and the exchange of ideas.
  • It is the Skyline College’s intention to assure maximum use of its grounds for free expression and in compliance with the California Civic Center Act, reservations normally shall be made to the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development to ensure that a location is available for use at a specific date and time. An individual(s) or group with a reservation will have priority in the use of the location.
  • To reserve a space contact the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development, (650) 738-4275, Building 6, Room 6212.
  • A Free Speech Reservation Form   guarantees a space for activities; however, it is not required. The College shall not prohibit speech or expressive activity on its campuses and grounds solely because the individuals(s) or group did not make or does not have a reservation.
  • The College shall not deny a reservation application based on speech content of the proposed activity or on the viewpoint of the individual(s) or group.
  • Free Speech Guidelines  

Vending on Campus

Vending activities are limited to college sponsored and approved special events related to the educational mission of the college and must have prior approval by the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development. Applications for vending on campus must be scheduled 45 days in advance to the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development. Please complete and review the following documents if you are interested in vending on campus.

Food Services Information

Looking to have food during your event? Check out these resources to get you started!

Show a Movie on Campus!

The film you want to present must be licensed with SWANK.

Look up the movie of your choice in SWANK's database, contact SWANK, and they will provide you with a quote, including licensing and a copy of the film for the screening.

Swank's representative will ask you:

  1. How many people you expect will attend the screening
  2. Where you will show the film -- classroom? theater?
  3. Your preferred screening date(s)