For departments who wish to design their own internal marketing collateral, please refer to the style guide, which provides all necessary branding requirements.

Please Note: all final designs must be approved through MCPR prior to printing and/or distribution.

Official Logos

These are the official versions of the Skyline College logo for download and use on official college communications by the campus community. Please contact us for any special logo needs.

The Primary Logo is the most commonly used version in Skyline College communication materials. The logo is the focal point of the visual identity system.

The Secondary Logo may be used as a direct alternate to the Primary Logo.

The Logo must appear at least once on every piece of communication and should comply to the standards in this guideline.

Please adhere to Skyline College logo usage restrictions:
  • On a colored background, only use the white (knockout) Logo
  • Do not enclose the Logo inside a shape or put on a dark or distracting background
  • Do not combine the Logo with other logos, or create your own sub-logo.
  • Do not add drop shadows
  • Do not rotate, angle, skew, stretch, or change the orientation of the Logo

Skyline College Logos

Logos are downloadable in three file formats: EPS for use in Adobe Illustrator, JPG for use cases like PDFs, and PNG for logos with a transparent background in design tools.