The common application is used for the All-State, All-USA, Coca-Cola, Hites, Guistwhite, and Geico scholarships.

Skyline College may nominate two students to the All-USA Academic Team and Coca-Cola All-California Team. To be considered for these awards complete a draft of the application by November 3.. Letters of recommendation are not necessary for the November 3 deadline. All questions must be answered. If you are selected as one of Skyline's nominees, the committee will help you edit your application and get the necessary letters.

Phi Theta Kappa members may log in using their Phi Theta Kappa username and password. Non-members can sign up there also for free access to the scholarship applications.

Annually, 20 outstanding community college students from across the country are selected for the All-USA Academic Team, another 20 community college students are selected for the All-California Academic Team, one outstanding scholar from each state receives the New Century scholarship, and 300 students will be awarded Coca-Cola scholarships. These prestigious awards include cash scholarships and an important recognition.

Skyline College students do win these awards. We have had Hites and Guistewhite scholars, All-USA Academic Team members, New Century scholars, Coca-Cola Scholars, and All-California Academic Team members.

The All-USA Academic Team is a merit award based on students' community college accomplishments. The centerpiece of the form is the student's essay on his/her most outstanding community college endeavor. It can be in community service, in research, the arts, journalism or public affairs. The discussion questions give judges a sense of the nominee’s background and commitments outside of school so they can place the nominee's achievements in context. Overcoming obstacles to attend community college and having family and/or work obligations are not a criteria for the award.

Because the nomination form is written to match judging criteria, it is important to read the form carefully and follow directions precisely. Be specific and concise. Make sure the total hours tallied for work, activities and classes do not exceed the total number of hours physically possible during that time period. All contents of the form are subject to verification, and students may be disqualified even after notification if their nomination forms contain inaccuracies. Contact BΘO for details.

Qualified nominees are:

  • Currently enrolled at Skyline College and will be enrolled in Skyline College through December 2015.
  • By December 31, 2015, will have a minimum of 30 semester (45 quarter) college-level credit hours completed at a community college in the past five years (Fall 2008-present).
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 out of a possible 4.0 in all college credit coursework completed in the last five years. The applicant's record must be free from suspension, probation, or other disciplinary action.
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