The current Honors Study Topic is:

To the Seventh Generation: Inheritance and Legacy (2020-2021)

Phi Theta Kappa selects an Honors Study Topic for the Scholarship Hallmark. φθκ seeks to enrich the academic experience of Phi Theta Kappans through the Honors Study Topic. The Honors Study Topic brings important, current issues to the fore and encourages Phi Theta Kappans to examine how these issues affect their lives.

Previous Honors Study Topics:

  Transformations: Acknowledging, Assessing, and Achieving Change (2018-2020)
Genetics of Tasting (2019)
Sustainability: Feasibility of Solar Power at Skyline College, Fog Use Study (College Project 2018)

How the World Works (2016-2018)
Microbiomes (Honors in Action 2017)
Food Security (Honors in Action 2016)
Community Connections (College Project)

  Frontiers and the Spirit of Exploration (2014-2016)
Cape Ivy Project (Honors in Action 2015)
Community Connections (College Project 2015)
Big Data (Honors in Action 2014)
Middle School Outreach (College Project 2014)
  The Culture of Competition (2012-2014)
Cape Ivy Project (Honors in Action 2013)
Honors Essay Contest (2012)
Science for Middle Schools, SMiLE (Honors in Action 2012)
Commit to Complete College Project (2012)
  The Democratization of Information: Power, Peril, and Promises (2010-2011)
CLICS (Honors in Action 2011)
History of Skyline College (College Project 2011)
Science Literacy (Honors in Action 2010)
Relay for Life (College Project 2010)

The Paradox of Affluence: Choices, Challenges, and Consequences (2008-2009)
Earth Day (recycling) (2009)
Photo Essay (contest) (2009)
College essay contests: 2008 & 2009
The Paradox of Water (2008)
Paradox of Affluence week at Skyline (2008)


Gold, Gods, and Glory: The Global Dynamics of Power(2006-2007)
'07 College contests
'07 Regional contest
'07 Gold, Gods, & Glory Colloquium
'06 Satellite seminars
'06 Photo contest: National | Regional | Skyline
'06 College essay contest


Popular Culture: Shaping and Reflecting Who We Are (2004-2005)
'05 Essay Contest
'05 Carb Quiz and Aviation Scavenger Hunt for the Region
'04 Air Quality (Chapter College Project)
'04 Sherman's Lagoon Contest
'04 Essay Contest
'04 Photo Contest
'04 Honors Institute (seminar groups)


The Dimensions and Directions of Health: Choices in the Maze (2002-2003)
'03 Vending Machine (Chapter College Project)
'03 Health Quiz
'03 Honors Institute
'02 Regional Honors Institute
'02 Health Essay Contest


Cultures, Traditions, & Celebrations: The Human Drive for Community (2001-02)
Skybayan website
Regional Honors Institute
Regional Quilt
Flag Challenge


In the Midst of Water: Our Origin and Destiny (2000-01)
The Ultimate Water Quiz
Sherman's Lagoon Contest


The Past as Prologue (1999-00)

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