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10/18/18   10/18/18  

Skyline College Fact Sheet  

Skyline College Express Shuttle  

Promise Scholars Program  

California Community Colleges Guided Pathways  

Meta Majors (Interest Areas) & Guided Pathways  

2018-2019 President's Innovation Fund Awards  

Skyline College Annual Report

President's Council Shared Responsibilities and Personal Pledge 2018-2019  

President's Council Goals and Objectives 2018-2019  

12/6/18   12/6/18  

Skyline College 50th Anniversary Document  

President's Council Meeting Schedule 2018-2019  

Skyline College Innovation Investment Opportunities 2018-2019  

2018-2019 President's Innovation Fund Awards  

President's Council Fundraising Party Guide 2019  

01/31/19   01/31/19  

Success Summit Meeting Schedule  

Sponsorship Letter  

Skyline College Innovation Investment Opportunities  

04/11/19   04/11/19  

Success Summit Meeting Schedule  

9/12/19   9/12/19

President's Council Meeting Schedule  

President's Council Goals and Objectives  

Building 12 Ribbon Cutting Save the Date  

50th Anniversary Events Postcard  

50th Anniversary Gala Save the Date  

50th Anniversary Gala Sponsorship Opportunities

Success Summit Save the Date  

2019-2020 President's Innovation Fund Awards  

Fact Sheet  

Promise Scholar Program Results Sheet  

Accreditation Site Visit Team Member List  

12/5/19   12/5/19

President's Innovation Fund Awards  

President's Council Meeting Schedule  

Breakfast 2020 Proposed Meeting Dates  

President's Council Shared Responsibilities Pledge  

50th Anniversary Gala Article  

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