Ultimate Goal

Create a healthy college learning environment and workplace experience through a robust & transparent participatory governance process that people understand, trust, and believe in.

The Work Ahead

  • Gain an understanding of the work we have done already and transfer of knowledge
  • Continue defining the structure and charge of our committees
  • Ensure broad understanding of our participatory governance structure and decision-making across campus
  • Maintain an interactive website for each committee and ensure open meetings and transparent publication of agendas and minutes
  • Authorize all committees and groups to report out at least annually to the College Governance Council


model of the four groups of the participatory governance structure

Senates and councils provide information reports.
Constituent committees provide action items.
The College Governance Council provides recommendations.
The president uses all of this input to make decisions.

model of Participatory Governance structure: senates and councils provide information reports, constituent committees provide action items, College Governance Council provides recommendations, and the president uses all of this input to make decisions.