Ultimate Goal to be Achieved

Contextualize a civic mindset across the institution, with a focus on graduating students with self-advocacy skills, with a true understanding of democratic principles as the foundation of our country, and with an appreciation for the importance of civic engagement and social justice activism to effect transformative change

The Work Ahead

  • Define a Civic Mindset for Skyline College (see 'A Crucible Moment')
  • Explore what Skyline College and other institutions are doing to enhance student learning about democracy
  • Ensure alignment with the College ISLO on “Citizenship”
  • Discover how we can contextualize a civic mindset across the institution
  • Determine how we engage the community at large 
People lining up at the Empty Bowls Fundraiser by the Art Department Empty Bowls Fundraiser A volunteer with a ladle serving food at the Empty Bowls Fundraiser Two Skyline College students with a box of food at the Free Community Market

Skyline Community Gets Involved

A group of 4 Skyline College students at a table during an event