Continuing students may request accommodation letters, testing appointments, and alternate media using our online request system or may make requests in-person at the EAC.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that EAC received their requests and to follow up with the EAC and/or the instructor regarding the requests.

You can follow up with the EAC by calling (650) 738-4280 or stopping by the front desk in room 5-132.

student in wheelchair

Accommodation Letter Requests

You need a new accommodation letter each semester. You will receive an emailed accommodation letter to provide to your instructor. Printed out accommodation letters are also be available at the EAC.

Accommodated Test Appointment Requests

Please make your appointment at least 5 working days prior to the test if you are planning to use Kurzweil, Dragon, Reader, or Scribe accommodations. Please make your appointment at least 1 working day prior to the test for all other accommodations.

Alternate Media Requests

The EAC can handle a variety of alternate media requests. These include, but are not limited to, electronic text (for Kurzweil and other screen readers), braille, Learning Alley, and enlarged print.

Release of Information Request

If you would like Skyline College to release your information please complete this form.

EAC Forms

You are welcome to use our forms to request information from your doctor or psychologist/therapist (for your convenience only; they are not required):