In order to be considered for evaluation by the EAC, you must be a currently enrolled student at Skyline College. Follow these 3 easy steps to register with the EAC:

Step 1: Make an appointment

Do you have a documented disability or an IEP/504 Plan from elementary or high school? If you have documentation of a disability, please make an appointment to see a EAC Counselor or Learning Disabilities (LD) Specialist to sign up for services.

Do you have a history of learning difficulties and wonder if you should be evaluated for a learning disability? Schedule a 30-minute appointment with a LD Specialist who will determine if you may benefit by being evaluated for a possible learning disability.

Make an appointment by calling (650) 738-4280 or visiting the EAC front desk in Building 5, Room 5-132. At that time you may be asked to complete the intake packet (purple book) available at the front desk.

Step 2: At your appointment

If you have any of the following documents, please bring them to your appointment: a doctor’s note about your disability, a completed disability verification form  , or an IEP, triennial or 504 plan from high school.

At your appointment you will discuss your educational limitations, have reasonable accommodations approved and learn more about the EAC's services.

Step 3: Watch our EAC Orientation Videos

Watch this short information video to learn about how to use your accommodations (this video is captioned).