The purpose of this program is to provide students who have learning disabilities (either through prior documentation or through the LD evaluation process at Skyline College), a support system to assist them in attaining their academic goals. We provide counseling for clarification of issues related to learning disabilities, make recommendations for accommodations, and foster self-advocacy in students.

What is a Learning Disability?

A person with a learning disability (LD) has an average to above-average intelligence, yet has significant differences in how they take in, remember, understand, and express information and/or have significant differences in their ability to learn versus their academic achievement levels. Learning disabilities can affect reading, writing, oral language, and mathematics, and is lifelong.

Common Characteristics of LD College Students

Following is only a partial list of difficulties that LD college students often experience. These problems persist even though the student has had adequate academic instruction or remediation.




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Frequently Asked Questions for LD Assessment:

Come to the Educational Access Center (EAC) 5, 5-132 and complete the intake packet (purple booklet). This packet asks questions pertaining to the students learning difficulties and how it is impacting their academics. You will then schedule an appointment to meet with the LD Specialist who will determine if assessment is appropriate.

The LD Specialist will review the intake packet with the student. Whether a student is recommended to continue with the evaluation process is based on many factors including; history of difficulties, effort versus results, repeating classes and many other factors. If further assessment is the appropriate next step, the student and the LD Specialist will schedule an appointment to begin the assessment process.

The process can take up to 7 hours over the course of the semester (usually 6 weeks). Appointments include; the Intake Packet review session, LD assessments, and a final results appointment to review testing results. If recommended, an assistive technology appointment will also be scheduled and support courses suggested.

No, the assessment is done in 1.5-to-2 hour intervals over the course of several appointments. The LD Specialist completes all of the assessments on a one-to-one basis. Appointments are made for the assessment sessions by the LD Specialist in agreement with the student.

A student will find if she or he qualifies for services as a student with a learning disability. The LD Specialist will review the assessment results with the student, including the student’s areas of strengths and weaknesses when learning. If eligible for services, strategies will be reviewed and individual accommodation recommendations will be provided. You will receive your accommodation letters and a review of our processes and procedures regarding testing accommodations and responsibilities. Appointments with our Assistive Technology Specialist will also be scheduled, when appropriate. A follow-up appointment may be made to update Student Educational Planning, if warranted.

How to Receive Services

If you suspect you have a learning disability, or have prior learning disability related documentation, follow the steps on our Getting Started at the EAC webpage, and see what Learning Skills courses we offer.

Our goal

A successful LD student will be able to develop and implement plans to utilize educational strengths and overcome disability-related barriers to educational success.