A calendar of meetings and deadlines for the academic year is generated and posted each fall.

The Instruction Office provides curriculum documents, minutes, and posts information on this site. Agendas are posted publicly 48 hours before each meeting. Committee members, Deans, and presenting faculty also receive an agenda (via email) with accompanying materials on the Monday prior to each Curriculum Committee meeting.

For details on types of agenda items & committee actions during meetings, see the handbook document.

Meeting Dates

First and Third Wednesdays of the month 2:10 pm – 4:00 pm
Location: Room 4‑301

During months with five Wednesdays, the Committee may meet on the additional Wednesday.

Meeting Schedule

Below you can find the proposal timelines associated with each Curriculum Committee meeting. Please note that the proposal timeline occurs before the meeting it will be reviewed by the Committee.

2023-2024 Curriculum Calendar (downloadble pdf)  

**Please note: Prior to submitting your course proposal to the Dean’s queue (deadline 1), please consult with the Articulation Officer regarding articulation (UC transferability, CSU GE and/or IGETC applicability). If your course is not UC transferable and/or does not apply to any CSU GE/IGETC areas, then this is NOT necessary.

Committee Meeting: 9/6/2023

Faculty Deadline: 8/14/2023

Committee Meeting: 9/20/23

Faculty Deadline: 8/28/2023

Committee Meeting: 10/4/23

Faculty Deadline: 9/11/2023

Committee Meeting: 10/18/23

Faculty Deadline: 9/25/2023

Committee Meeting: 11/1/23

Faculty Deadline: 10/9/2023

Committee Meeting: 11/15/23

Faculty Deadline: 10/23/2023

Committee Meeting: 11/29/23

Faculty Deadline: 11/6/2023

Committee Meeting: 12/6/23

Faculty Deadline: 11/13/2023

Committee Meeting: 1/31/24

Faculty Deadline: 1/8/2024

Committee Meeting: 2/7/24

Faculty Deadline: 1/16/2024

Committee Meeting: 2/21/24

Faculty Deadline: 1/29/2024

Committee Meeting: 3/6/24

Faculty Deadline: 2/12/2024

Committee Meeting: 3/20/24

Faculty Deadline: 2/26/24

Committee Meeting: 4/3/24

Comprehensive Program Review Workshop

Committee Meeting: 4/17/24

Faculty Deadline: 3/25/2024

Committee Meeting: 5/1/24

Faculty Deadline: 4/8/2024