What is the Student Education Plan?

The Student Education Plan or SEP provides a semester-by-semester plan of the classes you will need to take to complete your educational goal. The courses on the SEP may be a combination of basic skills, general education, major, and elective courses. The SEP is created electronically in WebSMART/DegreeWorks in coordination with a Skyline College counselor.

There are two types of SEP:

Abbreviated SEP

The Abbreviated SEP includes one to two semesters of courses on the student education plan. For non-exempt, first-time new students, the abbreviated education plan will be created during the counseling appointment following orientation.

Comprehensive SEP

The Comprehensive SEP includes all remaining terms needed for a student to achieve their course of study. The comprehensive education plan must include an educational goal and course of study requirements: major, transfer, certificate, applicable prerequisites, basic skills, in addition to referrals to other support and instructional services as appropriate.

Frequent Questions:

Students may view their SEP in DegreeWorks. Visit the website for additional instructions for accessing DegreeWorks.

Students who are undecided on their educational goals or major are strongly recommended to take career exploration classes, workshops, and other activities that will assist in clarifying your educational goals.

Yes, students may update their SEP if the educational goals and major changes. The purpose of the SEP is to provide you an idea or plan-of-action. However, since the SEP does not register you for classes, the SEP can change. It is recommended to work with a Skyline College counselor regularly to ensure your SEP is up-to-date and reflects your most current ed goals.

NOTE FOR FINANCIAL AID: Students seeking Financial Aid will be required to submit a SEP. Having a specific educational goal and major on the SEP is required to be considered for financial aid. Declaring a major of “undecided” or “undeclared” does not meet financial aid SEP requirements.

Continuing students must have a current SEP on file and must maintain a minimum 2.0 gpa to be eligible for priority registration.

How Do I Create an SEP?

Students may choose from the following options:

Students can make a counseling appointment:

  • In person: Not available at this time
  • By phone: (650) 738-4318

Each appointment is 30-minutes in length. You are not assigned a counselor unless you are part of a special program such as EOPS, EAC, TRiO or Promise Scholars Program.

Drop-in counseling is not appropriate to create an SEP. Often, the questions raised in exploring your educational goals require more time than is allowed in a short drop-in counseling visit.

How should I prepare for my Counseling appointment?

  • Write down your specific questions ahead of time and bring them to your counseling appointment.
  • Plan to arrive on time -- appointments are only 30 minutes in length.
  • If you have college coursework from other institutions, bring a copy of your transcripts.

The purpose of the Informational SEP workshop is to provide students an overview of your educational options, general education and major requirements, and additional information needed to help you determine your educational goals.

Dates and times (to be determined).

Students may receive information on educational goals, course preparation, and major planning by taking COUN and/or CRER classes.

  • COUN 100
  • COUN 102
  • COUN 104
  • CRER 136
  • CRER 137