The forms listed below are intended for Skyline Counselor Use Only.

For Students:

  • If you have general questions about Skyline College's Associate Degree and/or Certificate, please meet with a Skyline Counselor by contacting:
  • If you have petitioned for an Associate Degree and/or Certificate and have followup questions, please contact



AA-T/AS-T (ADT) Course Substitution  

ADT Course Substitutions from California Community Colleges (CCC) or California State University (CSU) may be approved if either of the following apply: (1) The course was approved for C-ID the semester the course was completed or (2) The course is listed in another CCC/CSU catalog as approved for the ADT major in the same semester the course was completed. The ADT course substitution is not reviewed by the instructional division dean. The review for ADT course substitution is done internally by the Counseling Division.




Associate Degree/Certificate Course Substitution  

The purpose of the Course Substitution form is to request review for course equivalency toward major requirement(s) for an Associate Degree and/or Certificate from Skyline College. Course substitution for the major may be through (1) AP Scores - 3 or higher; (2) Transcripts from a college/or university; or (3) SMCCD guidelines. The local course substitution does not require an instructional division dean signature. We will review the local course substitution internally by a second counselor. 

Pass Along Submission

The purpose of the Pass Along is to review a student's coursework from other accredited colleges/universities toward General Education and/or Associate Degree requirements.

Pass Along Forms: CSU Pass Along  IGETC Pass Along  Associate Degree Pass Along  

Local Degree Unit Deficiency   - In cases where a student has successfully completed a course to meet a local Associate Degree requirement (ie. graduation, general education, or major requirement), and even after having completed the course, the student is deficient units to meet the minimum unit requirement for the area, local courses or courses outside of the district (pass along courses) may be applied to make up the unit deficiency.  Unit deficiencies generally occur as a result of: unit conversion between quarter and semester unit; and/or difference in unit value from a Skyline College course and a pass-along course. Counselors may use the Local Degree Unit Deficiency form to document the course work that will be applied to make up such unit deficiency and submit the completed form below. 


Instructions for Counselors - Please submit your degree audit pdf(s) to the updated form HERE.

  • The form will require you to complete the fillable pdf(s) first.
  • Please "save-as" your document using the suggested format:

student G#_student name_type of form_catalog year

  • Once your pdf is complete, you will upload your file to the form and submit.
  • All prior degree audit submissions using the previous form have been received and processed.
  • We will notify you of the outcome of your request submitted.
  • If you have any questions concerning the degree audit forms, please contact Melissa Komadina or Jacquie Escobar.