The Field

Studying art teaches students to communicate ideas and feelings through visual art and design. Art History and Art Appreciation are the study of works of art and their connections to the social and political events of their time, and of the significance of art in society. In order to succeed in the Art Program students will need to develop strong critical thinking, problem solving, and technical skills as well as demonstrate creative ways to express ideas.

The Art Program at Skyline College

Skyline College’s Art Program ensures a creative foundation in the visual arts. Enrolling in studio courses provides opportunities to explore the diversity of methods and materials to make art. Drawing, painting, photography, digital arts and other 2-d arts, 3-d media like sculpture and ceramics, studies in film and video, are all accessible to the student. Art History and Art Appreciation courses let you explore art of many times and places, and to find their connections to your own life. We offer an Associate Degree in Art for transfer to four-year institutions.

Career Outlook

An education in art fosters creativity, encourages independent thinking, and develops personal expression. Art is a broad field where one may apply training in visual foundations to a wide range of careers that include architecture, archiving, art conservation/restoration, art direction, art education, art history, art sales, art therapy, digital art, digital animation, commercial photography, courtroom sketching, curating, fashion design, fine art, fine art photography, forensic art, graphic design, illustration, interior design, industrial design, interactive design, museum/gallery direction, theater and movie set design, UI/UX, video game design, videography and cinematography, visual merchandising, web design, window design, and other creative job paths.