Wellness Program

The Wellness Program provides courses in a variety of subjects to help you achieve the level of competency you desire both personally and professionally in the natural healing arts.

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The Massage Therapy Certificate Program is a 500-hour course completed in two semesters that develops skills and knowledge in Swedish relaxation/wellness massage therapy techniques, as well as Deep Tissue techniques, and an introduction to a variety of other massage modalities. The coursework also includes didactic and hands-on anatomy and physiology instruction. Completion of the program qualifies students for California Massage Therapy Council certification which provides the opportunity for employment throughout the state.

One-day and semester-length courses are offered that cover a variety of wellness, holistic health, and massage therapy topics. Students who take these courses emerge with invaluable life skills, increased knowledge, confidence, and awareness of how to achieve balance and harmony in their lives.

Check out our new courses for Summer 2015, including Sports Medicine and Manual Therapy, Introduction to Reflexology, and Integrated Eastern Perspective of Face & Decollete.



Those who are pursuing a career in the wellness profession will learn technical skills that will allow them to seek employment in a variety of settings. Massage therapy skills and an introduction to holistic health modalities will provide the tools to be proficiently qualified in the massage and spa therapy job market.


Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Students completing the Skyline College Massage Therapy Certificate Program will qualify for Certified Massage Therapist status with the California Massage Therapy Council (and, if CAMTC has not been renewed, still meet 2012 standards for certification).
  • Students completing the Skyline College Massage Therapy Certificate Program will demonstrate essential skills for safe, ethical, and effective practice of massage therapy.
  • Students completing WELL courses such as Introduction to "Wholistic" Health will demonstrate familiarity with a variety of alternative and complementary healing modalities and be able to evaluate their appropriateness for further study, client referral, or personal use.
  • Students completing the Skyline College Massage Therapy Program will identify career, volunteer, and continuing education options in the field of Massage Therapy and plan actions toward achieving career, volunteer, and education goals.

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