Summer 2014 Courses | Fall 2014 Courses

Type Status Title Days Time Instructor
Evening Class  Online Class CLASS OVER WELL 680SB - 55112 - Self-Help Stress Reduction
TBA Leary,M
Evening Class  Online Class CLASS OVER WELL 680SC - 55114 - Energetic Modalities
TBA Leary,M
Evening Class  Online Class CLASS OVER WELL 760 - 54670 - Intro to "Wholistic" Health
(Pass/No Pass or letter grade.)
Minimum of 48 lecture hours/semester. Recommended: Eligibility for ENGL 846 or ESOL 400, or equivalent.
Introduction to a variety of “wholistic” health modalities, including massage therapy, yoga, breath work, herbology, aromatherapy, flower essences, gem elixirs, Ayurvedic and Chinese health care systems. Structured to benefit students who wish to take the course for personal or professional purposes. Students will learn to evaluate personal lifestyle habits and be introduced to various natural healing modalities they can incorporate into their daily lives. Transfer credit: CSU.

TBA Leary,M

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