The Skyline College campus is closed until April 6 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We have extended the application deadline to April 17. Applications will be accepted until then, and we will proceed with the lottery process once the campus is open, in late April. Program coordinators will be in touch with all applicants after the deadline to confirm the time and date of the lottery.

Please note that our access to check US postal mail has been reduced to once a week, so any applications or letters of recommendation sent through that means may take longer than usual to receive a confirmation. We do have access to email, so for a quicker response, you may send your supplemental application materials to Alyssa Wong-Conway

The Field

A Surgical Technologist (ST) is a member of the surgical team who works with surgeons, anesthesiologists, registered nurses, and other surgical personnel in delivering patient care and assuming appropriate responsibilities before, during and after surgery, including passing instruments to the surgeon and assisting during surgery.

To succeed in surgical careers, individuals need manual dexterity in order to handle instruments quickly and must employ critical thinking skills to anticipate the needs of the patient and the surgical team. Being alert, orderly and emotionally stable are also crucial to handling the demands of surgeons.

The Surgical Technology Program at Skyline College

Skyline College’s Surgical Technology combine academic and clinical instruction that includes learning to prepare surgical instruments, passing them to the surgeon and handling specialized equipment. Skyline College offers a 12-month program admitting one cohort each summer and upon completion the student receives a Certificate of Completion which qualifies the graduate to sit for the national certification exam administered by the National Board for Surgical Technologists and Surgical Assistants. With an additional 30 units of General Education credits, a graduate of the program may apply for an Associate of Science degree in Surgical Technology.

The Skyline College program is by special application only. Surgical Technology applications are accepted from January 15 to April 1.

Career Outlook

Surgical technology offers a fun, interesting, and occasionally stressful work environment where surgeons rely on well-trained personnel to ensure everything is ready for optimal patient care. Working in surgical careers offers high levels of job security and mobility and a unique opportunity to help others.

With additional education, surgical technologists may become surgical nurses or surgical technology instructors. Some may assume management positions in hospital central supply departments or in business firms such as sterile supply services and operating room equipment distributors.

Surgical technologists in California make in a range of $32 to $40 per hour, the most of any state in the nation, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Nationally, job growth is must faster than average – projected at 30% over the next decade.

Accreditation & Standards

The Skyline College Surgical Technology Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP)  according to the recommendation of the Accreditation Review Council for Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (ARC/STSA).  ARC/STSA standards require the program be assessed by an Outcomes Assessment Exam, for which Skyline uses the results of Certification Exam administered by the National Board for Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting.   The Standard minimum pass rate is 75% of graduates.  Per the Surgical Technology Program 2018 Annual Report, 75% of Skyline College graduates passed the Certification Exam, meeting the standard minimum pass rate.

Gainful Employment Disclosure 2019:

Program meets certification requirements of the National Board of Surgical Technologists and Surgical Assisting. There is no licensure in the State of California.

Annual Report 2018