The Skyline ZTC Team is committed to leading and promoting professional development for faculty interested in exploring and adopting Zero-Textbook Cost (ZTC) materials or Open Educational Resources (OER) for their courses. We regularly offer wortkshops through the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning (CTTL) on topics aimed to support both ZTC and OER awareness, search strategies, fair use & copyright, customizing OER, and many more. 

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For more information on upcoming workshops & trainings, visit the Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning (CTTL) Calendar.

ZTC Faculty Incentive Programs

To increase ZTC course adoptions and encourage Faculty exploration and innovation in finding new, better, and less costly ways to deliver quality learning materials to students, Skyline College is providing professional development support and incentives for Faculty to convert one course currently using traditional textbooks to use ZTC material. Participate in the ZTC Early Adopters program to get support and incentives for converting one course to ZTC.

Off-Campus OER Professional Development

The state-wide academic senate is hosting weekly webinars on OER for various disciplines. All webinars will be recorded and posted on the ASCCC website. Register for ASCCC OER Webinars. All webinars are held of Friday's from 9:30-10:30am.


Upcoming Webinars:

  • February 22 - OER Basics I
  • March 1 - OER Basics II   
  • March 8 - Using MyOpenMath
  • March 15 – OER for Anthropology 
  • March 22 – LibreText "Freeing" the Textbook
  • March 29 – OER for Economics