uSOAR was conceived of and organized by administrators, faculty, and staff who share the common goal to facilitate and share student inquiry created through the hands-on experiences of undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activity.

The committee represents a broad spectrum of Skyline College academics with members from the Geography Program, Honors Transfer Program; Psi Beta Psychology Honor Society; Skyline College Library, Social Science/Creative Arts and STEM who believe in the importance of sharing undergraduate research in a multi-disciplinary environment that expands the perspective of undergraduate researchers by offering exposure to diverse fields and facilitates the discourse on collaboration, leadership, and social impact in research.

Danni Redding Lapuz - Dean, Social Science and Creative Arts

Rachel Cunningham - Geography Faculty

Jennifer Merrill - Faculty Advisor, Psi Beta Psychology Honor Society

Janice Sapigao - Faculty Coordinator, Skyline College Honors Transfer Program (HTP)

Dr. Susanne Schubert - Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Pia Walawalkar - Associate Professor, Outreach and Equity Librarian

Chris Woo - Program Services Coordinator, Social Science and Creative Arts