Placement tests are used to help you determine which English class will best prepare you to be successful in your college career.

What will the placement test cover?

The placement test will evaluate your reading comprehension and your understanding of writing at the sentence-level. Your results on these two tests will place you into English 105, 100, Honors 100 or SEE COUNSELOR.

How do you prepare for the English placement test?

Review the Sample Questions under online resources on this site. Make sure you are well-rested and give yourself enough time to arrive at the testing site. Once you start, relax and think carefully about your answers.

After the English placement test, how do you decide which English course to enroll in?

After you take the placement test, you will receive information about your placement through your WebSMART account.  You can contact the English department or your counselor for more information about the course option and the Accelerated Path. 

If you are placed in…

  • ENGL 105: 5-unit course, Composition. Transfer credit: UC; CSU. Check out your options.
  • ENGL 100: 3-unit course, Composition. Transfer credit: UC; CSU. Check out your options.
  • ENGL 100 Honors: This course is a 3-unit course that teaches critical thinking, reading and writing and qualifies for honors credit. This course is transferable to University of California (UC) and California State Universities (CSU). Honors students usually have received an A or B in previous English classes. They may have taken AP English in high school or have received good previous instruction. Honors students want classes with high standards which will allow them to realize ambitious goals. Honors classes also may include more self-directed projects, group work, and presentations than other classes. Honors students will work with like-minded peers and staff who will support them in their academic endeavors.

Where and when can you take the placement test?

Placement tests are held at the Assessment Center at Bldg. 2, computer lab room 2-116. Please check the posted hours of operation at the Assessment Center.

Can anyone be excused from taking the English Placement tests?

Yes. The following students may be exempt from taking the placement test:

  • Those who have completed an English course at another college equivalent to and/or ENGL 105 or 100
  • Those who have taken the English placement test at another California Community College

To waive the placement test, fill out both the SSSP Exemption Petition and the Prerequisite Equivalency Petition form, attach an unofficial academic transcript, and submit it to the Counseling Counter for a counselor review. The on-duty counselor will evaluate your petition to verify the equivalency to Skyline College’s course sequence. 

What can you do if you believe that the placement results do not accurately predict your preparedness for success in a particular English class?

You can go through the Prerequisite Challenge Petition   process with the Language Arts Department located in Bldg. 8, room 8112. Find out more about how to challenge a prerequisite.