Dear Students and Community Members,

The Passport Office is open! You may schedule your appointment using this website.

Please note the current passport processing times per the U.S. Department of State:

  • Routine service can take up to 6-9 weeks
  • Expedite service (for an additional $60) can take up to 3-5 weeks
  • Note: Processing times begin the day the U.S. Department of State receives your application at a passport agency or center, not the day you mail your application or apply for a passport at a local acceptance facility. Mail times may vary across the country.

Thank you for choosing Skyline College for your passport processing needs. We look forward to meeting you!

Passport Acceptance Facility Services

As a Passport Acceptance Facility, we can:

  • Receive and submit your completed application and necessary documentation for a U.S. passport (or passport card) to the U.S. Department of State*
  • Provide the necessary forms required to apply for a U.S. passport
  • Provide other passport-related forms
  • Field any questions regarding the passport application process

*Please note: only the U.S. Department of State can determine eligibility for, and issue, a U.S. passport.

Hours & Location

By Appointment Only
Monday-Friday 9:00 am- 5:00pm
Saturday, Feb. 11 10am - 2pm

Our office will be closed on Skyline College administrative holidays:  

  • February 17
  • February 20
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U.S. Passport Office at Skyline College
Building 19, Room 412
3300 College Dr.
San Bruno, CA 94066