Start earning college credit as a high school student!

Are you a high school or home-schooled student interested in academic classes being offered at Skyline College? Start taking college level courses now and earn college credit that you can apply to your degree or certificate.

The College Connection Concurrent Enrollment Program is an enrichment program designed to provide current high school students, who are enrolled in the 9th grade or above, the opportunity to get an early start on their college education. Students will receive college credit for all coursework successfully completed while still in high school, and in some courses, you can earn both high school and college credits.

5 Steps to Concurrent Enrollment

Apply to Skyline College using a California Community Colleges OpenCCC account. OpenCCC is a service of the California Community Colleges Chancellors Office. The information in your account is kept private and secure.

Meet with your high school counselor for course recommendations, to discuss which courses are eligible for credit towards high school graduation, and to receive your counselor’s approval.

Fill out the College Connection Course Request Form with your counselor and obtained the required signature from the designated school official.

*The digital concurrent enrollment request form is an alternative intake form for students interested in Skyline College’s Concurrent Enrollment Program. Students can complete the online request form and have a parent/guardian sign electronically. Upon submission, a copy of the request form will be emailed to students to request approval from their high school designee. Students are required to upload the completed and signed request form on WebSmart to receive a registration date.

Once complete, the Course Request form can be uploaded to the Admissions and Records Office, through your WebSMART student portal. Make sure that the form is filled out completely and you have obtained all the required permissions to attend.

Completing the Concurrent Enrollment Form
Submitting the Concurrent Enrollment Form

Do I have to complete assessment?

There are multiple assessments to help you measure your success in your first English/ Math, Economics, and/or Chemistry courses here at Skyline College. Please start with completing the High School English/Math Placement Request Form.

Once your Course Request Form has been approved, you will receive an email containing information regarding the registration process and when to register for classes. You can also view your registration date on your WebSMART account.