Graduating seniors participating in the Priority Enrollment Program receive priority registration dates at Skyline College for the summer and fall terms, which means PEP students have a higher chance of enrolling in their first-choice classes. Students participating in PEP can complete their enrollment steps, learn about Skyline College's programs and services and select their courses all before finishing their senior year in high school. Parents and guardians are more than welcome to attend in order to learn about great resources to support their student!

During PEP Day, students can expect to:

  • Take their placement test(s)
  • Participate in orientation
  • Meet with a counselor to help select and enroll in courses
  • Attend workshops geared towards helping students transition from high school to college
  • Learn about the academic programs, resources, and services at Skyline College

When does the next PEP Day take place?

The next PEP Day will take place in Spring 2020.