• What do IGD sessions look like?

    Each session begins with a community building exercise followed by a mixture of small and large group discussions and ends with a debrief. You can expect that there will be up to 30 participants in each IGD dialogue cohort. 

  • How many sessions occur per dialogue cohort?

    IGD consists of 8 - 2 hour sessions over the course of 4 weeks.

  • Will sessions be in-person or on Zoom?

    During the Fall 2021 semester, sessions will be on Zoom. We anticipate that sessions will return to campus for in-person activities during Spring 2021.

  • What are the topics that might be discussed?

    During IGD you will be discussing “hot topics” that include all aspects of social identity such as race, gender, disability, faith, sexual orientation, etc., and how those identities relate to various power structures. The structure of IGD creates a safe and supportive space for the discussion of these often difficult topics. 

  • What is the overall structure of IGD?

    Over the course of your cohort’s 4-week dialogue, you will move through the four stages of IGD: forming and building relationships, exploring the nature of social identity, exploring and discussing hot topics, action planning and alliance building. Each session will be a mixture of small and large group discussions, exercises, and additional homework. 

  • What are the attendance expectations?

    IGD participants are expected to attend all 8 - 2 hour sessions of the 4-week dialogue. To maximize your IGD experience, please do not miss any session as each one will be critical for group cohesion. However, should you need to miss a session due to an unforeseen circumstance, please contact your facilitators to let them know. If you need to miss more than one session, we ask that you participate in IGD during another semester when you are available to attend all 8 sessions. 

  • What are the workload expectations?  

    There will be a minimal amount of homework which may consist of articles to read, videos to watch, and/or exercises to complete prior to the next session. There is not more than 1 hour of additional work per session. 

  • How is IGD different from a workshop?

    IGD is immersive, experiential, and participatory – you will not be a passive observer during these sessions. Sessions will not utilize powerpoints; the learning and growth will come from the participants, in both breakout rooms and the larger group. 

  • How will confidentiality be maintained? 

    All participants are expected to adhere to community norms, including maintaining the confidentiality of what is said and discussed in IGD sessions. IGD creates a brave space for learning

  • What kind of support will be available to me while I participate in IGD? 

    Opportunities for a one-on-one debrief about your IGD experience with facilitator liaison are available when needed.  

  • If I have more questions about Intergroup Dialogue, who should I contact?

    Allen Ocampo, Program Services Coordinator, ocampoallen@smccd.edu , (650) 738-7952, BLDG 5