Please submit your documents securely via DropBox.

All documents uploaded must include the following to ensure that we can identify your documents and link them to your financial aid file.

  • Your name
  • Student Identification Number (G#) in the file name
  • Be legible and completely filled out with appropriate signatures provided
  • Ensure your Student Identification Number (G#) is on every document you are uploading


  1. Label files with Student ID Number (G#) in filename
  2. Go to the Financial Aid Dropbox
  3. Click on the 'Choose files' button and locate the file(s) you want to submit.
    • *Include your student ID number to your filename
  4. In the First name field, enter your first and last name
  5. In the Last name field, enter your student ID number
  6. Enter your email address for a confirmation
  7. Click on the Upload button

Download these instructions as a PDF  

screenshot of dropbox filled in according to directions