Access the most up-to-date versions of documentation for Skyline College processes:

Instrucciones en español
Title Description
2023-2024 Dependency Status Change Request Form (Unusual Circumstance) Request to have your dependency status reviewed.
2023-2024 Release of Information   Students who wish to give consent to financial aid office to release their information.
2023-2024 Supplemental Direct Loan Request Students who wish to request a student loan must submit this form.
2023-2024 Unusual Circumstance Form (Special Circumstances) Request to have your current financial information reviewed.
2023-2024 V4 Identity and Educational Purpose Verification Worksheet   Students selected for V4 Verification by the Department of Education are required to submit this form.
2023-2024 Verification of Unaccompanied Homeless Youth   Students who need to provide verification of Unaccompanied Homeless Youth status.
2023-2024 V1 Independent Verification Worksheet   2023-2024 V1 Independent Verification Worksheet.
2023-2024 Residency Form   2023-2024 Residency Form.

Uploading Documents

Please submit your documents securely via Dropbox.

Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure that we can identify your documents and link them to your financial aid file.

  1. Label your files with your Student ID Number (G#) in filename
  2. Go to Dropbox and select "Choose Files" to add your documents
  3. Enter your first and last name in the first name field
  4. Enter your Student Identification Number (G#) in the last name field
  5. Enter your email address for a confirmation.
  • Documents must be legible and completely filled out with appropriate signatures provided
  • Ensure your Student Identification Number (G#) is on every document you are uploading