FILM 100 Introduction to Film (3 units)

A critical analysis of film history and culture, focusing on film and media literacy, and the cultural, social, and ethical impacts of mediated representations. Students learn to critique a range of film genres and forms, through an exploration of modes of production, narrative and non-narrative forms, visual design, editing, sound, genre, history, culture and ideology. Examines broad questions of form and content, aesthetics and meaning, and the diverse possibilities presented by the cinematic art form. Students develop a visual and ideological understanding of film. (Formerly offered as FILM 440.)

FILM 123 Documentary Film: Studies and Practice (4 units)

Introduction to the history, methods and practice of documentary film through a critical survey of key historical and contemporary documentaries. Students will explore examples of documentary work that emphasize the methodologies, philosophies and ethics of documentary film. The class pays particular attention to documentary form and its impact on content. It will also address how the historical evolution of documentary forms has changed the ways documentary filmmakers convey information.