The San Mateo County Community College District provides a fund equal to 1% of expenditures for regular faculty salaries to provide faculty professional development opportunities.

Types of Projects, Eligibility and Allowable Expenditures
  Eligibility Activities Allowable Expenditures
Long-Term Projects

Regular Faculty (Tenured and Contract III/IV)

Involve full or partial reassignment more than 3 weeks for activities such as retraining, advanced study, and research.

Reassigned time at full pay. Does not include tuition, transportation, meals, or lodging.
Short-Term Projects All Faculty (Regular, Contract, and Adjunct) Can include participation in conferences, seminars, workshops, or training sessions up to 3 weeks. Funds are available to cover costs of registration fees, travel expenses, and substitute teaching time; tuition is not funded.


Extended Leave (Sabbatical)


All full time academic employees with 6+ years continuous paid service with the District directly proceeding the term of the requested leave; either a full semester or an academic year.  District authorized paid leaves will not constitute a break in service.

Involves retraining; upgrading skills and knowledge for current or future assignments, improving curriculum, educational delivery, student personnel services or other support services; develop or revise certificate or degree programs; determine feasibility or revise new or existing programs. Approved participants will receive all fringe benefits and eighty percent (80%) of their regular pay.

Application Schedule

Short-Term Projects

  • Applications accepted on a continuous basis by the Faculty Professional Development Committee.
  • Submit at least 30 days prior to the activity. 
  • Later submissions (within 30 days) will require the dean to include on the signature page a brief reason justifying the late submission. 
  • Suggested:  submit applications earlier than the due date to minimize costs (flight, hotel, and registration costs).

Flowchart (PDF)   - details of Faculty Application Process for Short-Term Faculty P.D. Funds

Long Term Projects

  • Applications considered by the Faculty Professional Development Committee
  • Two separate cycles, with deadlines normally in October and January.

Due date for Fall 2021: Friday, January 29, 2021

Due date for Spring 2022: Friday, October 15, 2021

Extended Leave (Sabbatical)

  • Applications considered by the Professional Development Committee once a year in February.
  • For detailed information about short term, long term, and extended leave, visit the AFT Contract page

Due date:  Friday, January 29, 2021


For all projects, a written report must be submitted within 30 days of completion to the Office of the Vice President of Instruction describing the project activities and verifying that the project has been satisfactorily concluded.

Professional Development Forms

Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro to complete these forms, and submit to your division office.  If you have any questions regarding the Faculty Professional Development funds and application process, please contact:

  • Rob Williams, Chair, Faculty Professional Development Committee
  • Karen Dimalanta, Division Assistant, Academic Support & Learning Technologies

Conference Expenses and Travel Procedures


2020-21 Faculty Professional Development Committee Members

The next committee meeting is scheduled for the Spring 2021 semester.