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The CTTL has been awarded a $300,000 grant to expand the Equity Scholars Faculty Coaching program.  This program runs for 2 years, with the next faculty peer coach training scheduled for February 2024.  

The purpose of the Equity Scholars Faculty Coaching program is to expand faculty peer coaching that supports culturally responsive teaching work both inside and outside of the classroom. Equity Scholars  will provide in-depth one-on-one peer coaching to allow for critical reflection and enhancements to the daily work of our faculty colleagues. The goal of the program is to work with faculty to actively implement an equity lens when developing pedagogy and facilitating curricula.

Sign up for an Equity Mentor for March 2024!

The CTTL  would like to invite you to join in this wonderful project by being mentored by an Equity Coach!  You will have 1:1 consultations and peer mentoring with your coach. You can work on your syllabus, curriculum, communication, Canvas course, teaching practices, and more!  You will be paid for your time to complete an online course and to work with your Equity Coach.  ALL faculty, full and part-time, are eligible.  

Register here to become a Mentee and work with an Equity Coach beginning in March 2024!

See the slides below for more details on the Equity Scholars Faculty Coaching program.

Equity Scholars: Fostering CRP through Faculty Peer Mentoring

Learn more at our January Flex Day Workshop or contact CTTL for more information.

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Sign up for a Faculty Peer Mentor - Deadline Extended to 3/5/24

  • Mentee Application  -2 remaining spots available for Spring !  More to come in Fall 2024

Coming soon:  Equity Coaches Application for the next training cohort May 21-22, 2024.

Principles of Faculty Coaching Program

Support faculty by:

  1. Goal setting on equity-minded practices and critical reflection
  2. Developing structured opportunities to support and grow culturally responsive pedagogy
  3. Implementing spaces to share and enhance equity lens in facilitating curricula 

Program Length - Coaching begins Spring 2024 through Spring 2025 

Program Activity Examples 

  • Document review (Syllabus, Canvas course shell, lesson plans, course materials
  • Peer Observations (Classroom, potentially online observations)
  • Goal setting as it pertains to culturally responsive practices, inclusive design, etc.
  • Videotaping of classroom instruction
  • Critical Reflections as it pertains to positionality, anti-racism, equity, etc.
  • Consultation on disaggregated student success data
  • Assessment of SLOs for Equity (Tie it back to the Equity Plan)
  • Introducing Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) & Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • 1:1 coaching sessions with mentees using frameworks from National Equity Project

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