How to Become a Coop Ed Student:

    1. Complete the Coop Ed Application and return it to the Coop Ed office located in Building 1, Room 1208, 1209 and 1210.
    2. The Coop Ed office will confirm your eligibility.
    3. Carefully read the Coop Ed Learning Objectives.
    4. Present the Coop Ed Employer memo   to your immediate supervisor.
    5. With the assistance of your immediate supervisor, develop a minimum of one learning objective per unit attempted.
    6. Within a week email your objectives to your instructor for approval
    7. Once your instructor approves your objectives you must turn in the signed objectives within two days. Both you and your supervisor must sign the objectives sheet.

Coop Ed Job Objectives Form  

During the Semester:

  1. Work diligently and efficiently throughout the semester to make maximum progress on your job-related learning objectives.
  2. Process weekly timesheets with your supervisor's signature and turn them in prior to the end of the semester.

Three Weeks Before the End of the Semester:

  1. contact the Coop Ed instructor to set up your final appointment.
  2. Be prepared to discuss your performance and progress on job-related objectives and submit your timesheets.
  3. Re-enroll in Coop Ed for the next semester.