Now that your employee is classified as a Cooperative Education student at Skyline College, we would like to acquaint you with your responsibilities as an employer and a critical component to the success of the Cooperative Education Program at Skyline College.

Sit down with your employee and assist him or her with the formulation of three (3) measurable job-related learning objectives you feel would make this individual a better and more effective employee within your organization.

Please sign the learning objectives indicating your acknowledgement and approval of your employee's job-related objectives.

Learning Objectives

Types of Learning Objectives

Objectives can embrace any number of work oriented tasks or skills. These may include adding to or improving upon any existing job-related skill or task.

These may include, but are not limited to, any of the following:

  1. Improving customer-client relations
  2. Learning a new computer application
  3. Finding a solution to an existing work-related problem
  4. Finding new job tasks to complete
  5. Personal improvement of social skills, work performance, or increasing one's usefulness on the job.

Developing Learning Objectives

When you meet with your employee-student, discuss what objectives you both agree would be challenging and acceptable.

Generally speaking, each objective should meet three criteria:

  1. What will the employee do?
  2. How will he or she do it?
  3. How will he or she measure their accomplishment at the end of the semester?

Make sure time sheets recording hours worked by student-employee are presented to you for your signature and approval. Time sheets should reflect all hours worked on the job including overtime or "compensation" time. Please check hours tallied for accuracy.

The student-employee's Cooperative Education Coordinator will call to arrange a brief appointment with you to confirm the student's employment at the job site. Near the end of the semester, the Coordinator will meet briefly with you again to have you evaluate the student-employee's work performance in accordance with the written job-related objectives.

Memo to Employer