A learning objective is a measurable goal that you set for yourself to accomplish through your work experience. A learning objective may be learning or using a new habit or skill, finding a solution to a problem, or acquiring a new form of job knowledge. A learning objective must be beyond the scale of your regular experiences on the job and over and above your routine performance. Moreover, a learning objective is specific, measurable, and limited to a single, definite result.

For Each Learning Objective You Should Answer Each of the Following:

  1. What are you going to attempt?
  2. How do you intend to do it?
  3. When are you going to complete it?
  4. What specific measurement will be used to evaluate how well you accomplished your objectives?

Download the Learning Objective form on the Forms Page.

Each Semester, You Must Identify New Learning Objectives

These should be specific, measurable, and within the ability to accomplish. The objectives must be formulated by the student, reviewed and approved by both the immediate work supervisor as well as the Coop Ed coordinator at the beginning of the semester.

Please Note: It is the student's responsibility that the objectives are mutually agreed upon by both the student AND the immediate supervisor.

Types of Learning Objectives

Objectives can embrace any number of work-oriented tasks or skills. These may include adding to or improving upon any existing job-related duties.

This could include, but is not limited to any of the following examples below:

  • Improving customer-client relations
  • Learning a new computer application
  • Finding a solution to an existing work-related problem
  • Personal improvement of social skills, work performance, or increasing knowledge of role for potential promotion within the work place

Find the Letter to Employer on the Forms page.

Developing Learning Objectives

Please meet with the employee to discuss what objectives you both agree would be challenging, practical and beneficial for growth within the role during the semester.

Generally speaking, each objective should meet the following criteria:

  • What will the employee be responsible for?
  • How will the employee accomplish the task?
  • How will the employee and employer measure the accomplishments at the end of the semester?

Make sure weekly time sheet that records hours worked by the employee are presented to you and confirmed with your signature. Weekly time sheets should reflect all hours worked on the job including overtime or "compensation" time. Please check hours tallied for accuracy prior to signing.

The employee's Cooperative Education Coordinator will call to arrange a brief appointment with you to verify the student's employment. Near the end of the semester, the Coordinator will meet briefly with you again to have you evaluate the employee's work performance in accordance with the written job-related objectives (goals).