Gallery Mural Project
This 11 x 18 foot mural is located on the exterior wall of the Skyline Art Gallery that faces Parking Lot E. The mural consists of nine panels, each depicting a detail of a textile taken from some of the many cultures representing the diverse background of the Skyline College community. From left to right, the panels depict textile designs from: Japan, China, Western Europe, Indonesia, Africa, Middle East, Philippines, Mexico, Peru (pre-Colombian). The mural was designed by Skyline College Art Professor Paul Bridenbaugh, and painted by Bridenbaugh and a team of Skyline College Art students during the 2009 Spring Semester. This project was supported by a President's Innovation Fund Grant.

Many people worked hard to bring this project to fruition, but we would especially like to thank the following mural painters for their efforts:
Anna Bartosz, Celso Cabauatan, LaShun Dean, Juan Diaz, Teena Makapugay, Marilyn Moran, Nadine Morey, Samantha Pena, Gisela Rabdau, Neil Samuth, Sharon Singletary, Gwenda Tuika, Anna Marie-Vargas, Greg Wallace, Frances Winn.

View a video of the mural being painted: