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Digital artists and designers use technology as an essential part of the creative or presentation process. To succeed in these fields, students will need creativity and must be open to learning to use new technology and digital art tools to complete artistic projects.

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The Program

Students will receive hands-on training in graphic design, web design & development, multimedia art and animation, and they will also learn industry-standard software for graphics and video, including Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver. Students will also use state-of-the-art equipment, including large format printers, 3D printers, and plotters to complete their work.

Skyline College currently offers a certificate in User Experience Design, as well as a wide variety of classes in digital media and design to provide a broad foundation for students who are looking for a clear path for transfer to a four-year institution.

UX Design Certificate

Whether using a smartphone, a tablet, a smart wearable, or a laptop, we use digital products every single day. Product teams consisting of designers, engineers, and product managers work together to make those products possible. In this certificate program, students will learn the basic skills needed to begin a career as a user experience designer for interactive digital products. The program will cover the full range of design activities from fundamentals of usability and user-centered research to developing design systems and prototypes. The program culminates in a portfolio class to help students start their career in user experience design.

Career Outlook

Digital Media and Design experience can lead to a career in a wide range of industries as a UX/UI Designer, Product Designer, Interaction Designer, Visual Designer, UX Researcher, Usability Analyst, Information Architect, and more.

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All Courses

DMAD 431 Digital Imaging I: Photoshop (3 units)

Focus on the creation and editing of digital images for use in art and design with Adobe Photoshop. Also listed as ART 431.

DMAD 432 Digital Imaging II: Advanced Photoshop (3 units)

This project-based course will expand on the tools and techniques necessary to further explore the image making process using raster based software such as Adobe Photoshop. Students develop strategies for content development, visual cohesiveness, and graphic production techniques. Topics include design, layout, typography, color principles, and project preparation for print, web, and animation. Also listed as ART 432.

DMAD 475 Digital Filmmaking I (3 units)

Concentration on production techniques used in movies, television, documentaries, music videos, and commercials. This hands-on class includes camera operation, basic composition, and use of natural lighting. Other topics include on-location audio recording, composition aesthetics, digital video fundamentals, editing, and career options.

DMAD 476 Digital Filmmaking II (3 units)

Intermediate level hands-on production. Will cover the various film crew positions including director, cinematographer, boom operator, audio engineer, production assistant, and script supervisor. Students will gain experience in working together in a film crew to produce various digital filmmaking projects. Other topics include single camera production, multiple camera production, and artificial lighting techniques.

DMAD 477 Digital Filmmaking III (3 units)

Advanced hands-on production class. Will concentrate on writing, directing, and teamwork. Students will work together with actors and produce several short films in class. Other topics include basic original screenwriting, pre-production, and advanced editing.

DMAD 478 Audio for Digital Filmmaking (3 units)

Audio production techniques in the digital filmmaking process. Hands-on production begins with basic audio principles and digital audio fundamentals including sound characteristics, sampling rates, bit depth, codecs, and file types. Other topics include location recording, editing, and mixing.

DMAD 500 User Experience Design I: Fundamentals (3 units)

An introduction to the fundamentals of user experience design. Concepts like usability and interaction design principles and processes will be covered. Students will learn to use today’s industry standard software to create simple prototypes.

DMAD 501 User Experience Design II: Discovery (3 units)

Provides an overview of methodologies and hands on practice in the first critical phase of designing a product: Product Discovery. Includes core discovery activities such as interviewing users, crafting personae, writing scenario, concept models and more.

DMAD 502 User Experience Design III: Ideation (3 units)

Learn ideation techniques, and develop sketches, wireframes, and prototypes to envision solutions. Explore how to use concept testing to receive user feedback that drives research based design.

DMAD 503 User Experience Design IV: Delivery (3 units)

Learn how to develop multiple visual user interface directions, map out an application's architecture, and detail out key user task flows. Wireframes, UI mock-ups, and designing for scale will be covered.

DMAD 504 User Experience Design V: Portfolio (3 units)

Create a portfolio and presentation for sharing with potential employers. Receive insights and guidance for starting and pursuing an exciting and rewarding career in User Experience Design.

Program Type Total Units
User Experience Design CA 15 Units
Basic Digital Filmmaking CS 12 Units

The DMAD program will allow students to:

  • Apply a set of production skills and experiences to prepare them for an entry- level position in the digital media industry.
  • Apply a set of production skills and experiences to allow them to create their own digital media
  • Apply a set of production skills and experiences to allow them to effectively collaborate with other professionals.

Upon completion of the UX Certificate program, students will be able to:

  • Design products using discovery methods such as interviews, crafting personae, writing scenario, concept models and more.
  • Develop ideation techniques for use in user experience designs.
  • Develop user experience design strategies and delivery methods.
  • Create a user experience portfolio
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