The Art Gallery at Skyline College is a 1750 sq. ft. space appropriate for exhibitions of artwork as well as cultural, social, musical, and literary events. The Gallery can accommodate up to 100 people.

The mission of this facility is educational with the primary activities revolving around the artistic and cultural.

Guidelines for Use

Skyline College and the community are invited to use the facility. First priority is given to the Skyline College Art and Music Programs. Use by other areas will be scheduled if they do not conflict with Art and Music. The space may be used for meeting and social events where refreshments are served provided that such use does not endanger artwork. Scheduling of events is determined by the Gallery Coordinator.

Guidelines for Events Requests

Events can last for one day to one week depending on gallery availability. Contact the Gallery Coordinator for more information regarding reserving the gallery space for an event. If the gallery is available for your event, you will be asked to complete a reservation request form.

The Gallery has available for use 4 rectangular 6 x 3 ft. folding tables and 100 chairs.

If you need other items such as round tables you may order these through an off campus source such as Mike Hensley Rentals in South San Francisco.

Items such as a podium, microphones, and other media equipment are available.

Guidelines for Exhibition Requests

The Skyline College Art Department sponsors four full-length Art exhibitions every academic year -- two in the Fall semester and two in the Spring. The Second Exhibition of the Spring Semester is reserved for our annual Juried Student Art Exhibition. Full-length exhibitions book the gallery for approximately seven weeks.

Exhibition proposals for Art Program-sponsored exhibitions should be aligned with the College and Art Gallery's mission and feature original artworks.

Guest Curatorial Proposals

Guest curated exhibition proposals are welcome, and will be reviewed for consideration in our schedule. Please note that the gallery is generally booked between one and two years ahead.

If you wish to propose to guest curate an art exhibition at the gallery, you will need to submit the following to the Gallery Coordinator:

  • Curatorial Proposal, including a written curatorial essay, explaining the nature and scope of the exhibition.
  • Bios of all artists participating in the exhibition.
  • Images of artworks (5 to 10 digital images) by each participating artist.
Please Note: The Gallery does not have a budget for shipping, framing, artist stipends, or other exhibition related expenses.

Gallery Requirements and Limitations

  • Gallery use is limited to hours when on-site staff supervision can be provided.
  • Gallery can never be left open unattended, no exceptions.
  • Only Activities allowable under board policy and state law may be scheduled.
  • Users must agree to observe and abide by the insurance, fire and safety requirements of the district.
  • Those who use the Gallery must have certification of insurance. (In-district users are covered by the district policy)

After your Event

You are responsible for clean up and for providing instructions for the return of equipment and the removal of items brought for the event.