Skyline College uses an online system called Parchment for processing and delivering Diplomas/Certificates to students. Students will receive their official paper Diploma/Certificate 10 to 15 days after final evaluation (Please note, final evaluation and official certification of the degree or certificate takes at least 3 months). Students will also receive an official, secure, electronic Diploma/Certificate immediately upon final evaluation. Students receive both the paper and electronic Diploma/Certificate at no charge.

Timeline for Receiving Your Diploma:

  • Roughly 3 months after your final class: Degree is officially conferred
  • Immediately after official conferral: Get access to your electronic Diploma/Certificate
    • Access Diploma/Certificate at no cost and in perpetuity
    • Diploma/Certificate is secure from tampering
    • Connect your Diploma/Certificate directly to LinkedIn
    • Instantly send Diploma/Certificate to employers or family members
  • 10-15 days after official conferral: Receive your high quality paper Diploma/Certificate in the mail
    • You will receive shipment tracking and notifications