To increase ZTC course adoptions and encourage Faculty exploration and innovation in finding new, better, and less costly ways to deliver quality learning materials to students, Skyline College is providing professional development support and incentives for Faculty Leads to coordinate conversion of courses currently using traditional textbooks to ZTC materials. Discipline Leads will lead conversion to ZTC courses within your discipline by consensus building and curating, reviewing, revising selected or authored course materials. In addition to supporting adoption of ZTC by Discipline Faculty, the award especially encourages scaling of ZTC adoptions across all sections of high-enrollment courses in order to impact a significant number of students. It is noteworthy that:

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  • The incentive awards are over and above compensation for base and overload (when applicable) Faculty work assignments.
  • All awardees must utilize materials associated with awards in teaching assignments for their course(s).
  • Discipline Leads may only receive one course release to complete ZTC coordination and conversion of at least 3 courses (up to 6).
  • The initial determination regarding approval of ZTC Discipline Lead Program applications shall be made by the ZTC Task Force.


This award is available to all identified Discipline Leads at Skyline College.

  • Identified Discipline Leads are eligible to submit an application to fulfill discipline conversion. (Acting Discipline Leads or Discipline Leads identified by Division Deans.)

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  1. Review the information in this application form. 
  2. Complete all sections of the application form
  3. Sign the form and obtain the signature of the Dean of the Faculty
  4. Submit your application to