Transfer Advocate Program

The Transfer Advocate Program is designed to connect Skyline College Students to Skyline College Faculty and staff who either have attended a 4-year university or have a major or career the student is interested in.

Transfer Advocates will share their experiences with students.

They will not provide counseling or advising.

The list provided is a list of Skyline College faculty and staff who have signed up to be available to students for this reason. They are all more than happy to meet or talk with you!

Student expectations to participate:          

  • You must be a Skyline College student
  • Use the list on this website to reach out to the faculty or staff
  • Please use the phone # or email listed
  • When reaching out, ask them when the best time is to meet or talk to them is
  • Give the Faculty/Staff at least one week to get back to you
  • Sign-in a student log when meeting with the Transfer Advocate (with your G #, email and name)
  • Remember, Transfer Advocates are not Counselors or Advisors- they are available to share their experiences about the campus they attended, their major or the career/field they work in!

Are you a Skyline College student, interested in participating by reaching out to a Faculty/Staff Transfer Advocate?

To view a List of Transfer Advocates, click here.


Are you a Skyline Faculty or staff and interested in being a Transfer Advocate?

For further information and sign-up instructions, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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